Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Markets are complex and highly volatile. Not every investor is equipped, has time, or is willing to manage their equity exposure independently. You need a surgeon’s skill to discard the bad and revitalize the good. A PMS fund manager performs that role for a customer’s portfolio. It is best to leave it to experts to manage the funds.

Professional fund managers manage Portfolio Management Services offered by ACMIIL by customizing your portfolio according to your financial goals.


Portfolio Management Services (PMS) offers you tailor-made portfolios curated and managed by SEBI licensed portfolio managers. A portfolio customized to fit your desired risk and returns.

Here are a few key points to note

  • PMS can involve stocks, fixed income, commodities, real estate, structured products, and cash.
  • PMS gives you more freedom than Mutual Funds, i.e., more transparency, options, and customization.

Expert-led Investment Approach

PMS provides individualized investment solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Investors can choose from a variety of portfolios, including large-cap, mid-cap, multi-cap, and small-cap, among others, depending on their risk appetite. The importance of PMS is from two major objectives i.e., investors who may wish to avail the services of a Portfolio Manager to manage direct holdings of equity or fixed income, or clients who are looking at specific thematic exposure which can be positioned as different strategies in their overall equity portfolios.

Complete Transparency

Every investor is informed about every transaction in PMS including the complete cost structure as is required by law. As per the SEBI, the portfolio managers are required to invest funds of their clients in the securities listed and traded on a recognized stock exchange, money market instruments, units of mutual funds, and other securities as specified by the board from time to time.

Rigorous Risk Management Mechanisms

Here are a few checks in the risk management plan that are followed by managers. The composition and the value of the portfolio, description of securities, number of securities, value of each security held in the portfolio, cash balance, and aggregate value of the portfolio as on the date of the report. Transactions are undertaken during the period of the report including the date of transaction and details of purchases and sales. Beneficial interest was received during that period in the form of interest, dividends, bonus shares, and rights shares. Expenses incurred in managing the portfolio of the client. Details of risk foreseen by the portfolio manager and the risk relating to the securities recommended by the portfolio manager for investment or disinvestment. Default in payment of coupons or any other default in payments in the underlying debt security and downgrading to default rating by the rating agencies, if any.

Regulated To The Core

PMS is a flexible investment option but it operates in a legal binding investor-fund management relationship that safeguards investors. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has severe standards in place for PMS managers and Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in terms of experience and operating norms. So rest assured when it comes to safety! SEBI recently even came up with a set of proposals to make PMS more transparent, and investor-friendly & to standardize the offerings. While some significant changes have been recommended, the committee has partially touched upon the fee structure, a problematic area for investors to understand.

Always Aiming for Alpha

The objective of a PMS is to deliver robust alpha as compared to the benchmark indices. As it is linked to ongoing customizations in response to changing circumstances, To analyze the financial market and current developments, researchers collaborate with a portfolio. They also keep track of an investor’s portfolio to make informed (entry/exit) decisions and ensure returns in volatile markets.

Reassuring Liquidity

The Investor may withdraw partial amounts from his portfolio, in accordance with the terms of the agreement between the client and the portfolio manager. However, the value of an investment in the portfolio after such withdrawal shall not be less than the applicable minimum investment amount. Portfolio managers cannot impose a lock-in on the investment of their clients. However, a portfolio manager can charge applicable exit fees from the client in case of an early exit.


Best stocks from Large, Mid and Small Cap universe with minimum 1000cr market-cap.

Published 23 Aug 2022

Best stocks from Large, Mid and Small Cap universe with minimum 1000cr market-cap.

Published 23 Aug 2022

Best stocks from Large, Mid and Small Cap universe with minimum 1000cr market-cap.

Published 23 Aug 2022

Best stocks from Large, Mid and Small Cap universe with minimum 1000cr market-cap.

Published 23 Aug 2022

Best stocks from Large, Mid and Small Cap universe with minimum 1000cr market-cap.

Published 23 Aug 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are PMS investments for me?

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a customized financial solution for high-net-worth individuals. One of the well-known features of PMS is its flexibility with the investor’s money and good returns. There’s transparency and regular reporting included in the PMS. To know more about PMS services, you can talk to our experts on 022-2858 4545.

How many are the types of PMS services?

There are two types of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) investment services available across the country:

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management- Here the PMS manager has complete control over the investor’s portfolio and is allowed to act on any strategy which is favorable to Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Non-discretionary Portfolio Management- The PMS manager can only suggest the investment ideas while the investor is completely responsible to act on the recommendation and investment timing.

What are the advantages of PMS investment?

  • Proficient control and monitoring of the investments
  • Risk check/profiling
  • Simple execution of trades
  • Customized services from the ACMIIL team

Can NRIs invest in PMS?

The Portfolio Management Services (PMS) at ACMIIL are open for all Indian citizens, as well as residents. To invest in PMS, NRIs will first have to open a PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) account as per RBI regulation.

Is it possible to activate a PMS account with the combination of cash and securities/equities?

It is possible to activate a Portfolio Management Services (PMS) account with the cash and stocks combination. The initial portfolio of shares will be re-aligned with the model portfolio.

Can I withdraw the returns partially during the PMS investment regime?

As a Portfolio Management Services (PMS) investor, you can withdraw the profits anytime provided the total valuation of your portfolio should not fall below the minimum limit of Rs, 50 lakhs according to the SEBI regulations.

What are the ways to transfer money in a PMS account?

There are two ways to transfer the money in Portfolio Management Services (PMS) account:

  • Cheque deposit
  • Bank transfer- RTGS/NEFT

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